State of Investment Model 2019

Here at Ingrid Ventures we are engineering what we believe is a better and more efficient model for investing assets.

We firmly believe that performance focused deeptech assets will become a more valuable tool of trade than capital.

While sertant subsets AI that is our long term focus aint fully there yet we have been working on the investment vehicle, that also applies to other high-performance impact tech assets.

Investment Model adapted for current state of technology and beyond

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- Cornerstones
- Accelerating innovation & competitive advantage
- Fundation
- For Startups & Businesses
- For investors

Long term our mission is narrowed down to Artificial Intelligence and highly related segments.

Mathias Åsberg, Founder Ingrid.


Without going in to the specifics, here are the cornerstones of our operations. The fundament of our model’s superiority lies in calculation: shifting through vast numbers of moves to find concrete ways to optimize the position.

Market Tracking & Forecasting
Advanced data gathering & prediction models allow us to understand markets movements and trends.

Technology & Software
We understand the power of new technology and therefore internally we operate at the very frontier of technology & software innovation.

Data & Artificial intelligence
Long term IGV will exclusively focus on holding IP & Patent assets in Artificial Intelligence. We already provide our projects with the systems that allow them to understand and optimize their business operations on a beyond human level. 🤖

Internal Artificial Intelligence system assisting in day to day operations, tracking all our projects and their competition. It allows us to act instantly on anomalies. Simply, it helps us to put out fires early or pour more gasoline, depending on what is currently needed. 🔥

We partner with industry leaders to ensure that business we engage in are placed on and get access to leading technologies at Google Cloud, Digital Ocean & Sendgrid.

While still being in its early stages operating at a friction of future performance we already see results clocking in at multiple x over market standards.

It’s not magic, it’s simply a science.

Accelerating innovation & competitive advantage

We strip out anything that does not improve performance. Our obsession with technical details and sophisticated engineering provide means to operate frictionless at speed and scale, without compromise. The result is always a simpler, smarter and faster solution that will outperform expectations and rivals.  


Our foundation comes from over a decade of architecting high-end performance and innovative solutions in areas ranging from cloud infrastructure to ad-tech. We are simply obsessed by the power of data and apply a performance based data-driven mindset to everything we do. This allows us to keep improving, keep innovating and keep achieving things often said to be impossible.   

For Startups & Businesses

Ingrid’s investment model is engineered to accelerate your business engagements and competitive advantage. We supply your business with the state of the art technology framework and analytic systems, including leading solutions in infrastructure, analytics & Artificial Intelligence. This gives your business everyday competitive edge allowing you to move fast in scale, trumping competition with better insights and stay at the top of your game.

For Investors

Predictable Outcome
Our approach allows to eliminate much of the X-Factor. This translates to higher success rate and more accurately calculated outcome of the investment.

Value Multipliers
With every move we make we keep extending our portfolio of technology assets and build a very valuable modular & reusable assets catalog.

Growth On Afterburner
Businesses we invest in will move and scale faster.